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Seller: patrick_disc
City: Dayton
Price: $250.00
Date Added: February 20, 2012
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I am selling the complete accessory kit for a professionally installed car audio system. It is a woofer, kicker, amplifier, capacitor, 100v switch, and all the wiring from the battery to all components.

This will hook onto an existing stereo and speaker and is very powerful. System is in great working order and just came out of my Civic. All components are used but work just fine.

JL Audio 12" Woofer and Box. Was professionally built by JL Audio as was this whole system. Has all capacitors and large wiring coming out of the box.

Alpine V12 DC Straight. 4/3/2 Channel Power with Duo B Circuit. Model # MRV-F3005.
Has golf plated terminals with the Power Supply Remote Buit it and the Bridged Speaker Output Extension. Channels 1-2 have input, crossover, gain, and filter settings. Also channels 3-4 hve the same settings that can be tweaked.

Kicker Brand ZR240 Module Docking Port with subwoofer crossover module added onto the kicker.

MTA (Match The Amp) High Performance Capacitor. I Farad 20 VDC. Made by Precision Interface Electronics.

TSunami 100 A switch which mounts under the driver side seat with a reset switch. This protects the equipment from overbearing loads.

Lots of wiring from the main battery wire that comes into the 100A switch. From the switch to the stereo, every connection from your stereo to the back of your car. And all the professional wires that go from component to component. These wires alone are expensive they are heavy duty capicity wiring (Not your standard car stereo wires!)

This system was professionally installed and is awesome. It will make your regular stereo a beast. The reason why it took it out of the car was that it was way too much system for me. I couldn't handle the thump!

I will only sell the complete system to one person, I am not interested in breaking up this set.

E-mail me to see: clubbuilder(AT SIGN GOES HERE)
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