McGuffey Meadow is mostly scenic hiking trails and is one portion/entrance of Bill Yeck Park. This entrance offers one small shelter with 2 picnic tables, a Porto-poddy, a viewing platform of the long narrow meadow and a bird blind. Past the primary entrance the long park offers winding paths through a wildflower meadow which ends near a bog and also connects to the other parts of the parks via wooded trails. The meadow is full of wildflowers and wildlife like: birds, rabbits, butterflies, hummingbirds, deer, red fox, and other creatures. Once at the end of the meadow, there are paths through the scenic woods along Sugar Creek, historic cabin site, secret meadow, gulch, and overlook. This is a great place to hike that is off the beaten path.

Bill Yeck Park is a 194-acre natural area along 1.75 miles of Sugar Creek. The park is treasured by hikers, bird watchers and nature enthusiasts. It harbors many rare species of plant life, providing a home to a variety of animals in every season. Fossils from the Ordovician period can be found in Sugar Creek which flows through the park. The park connects with other parks and wildlife areas creating a large corridor of green space that extends from St. Leonard Center to the Little Miami River. This unbroken wooded area makes the park's wildlife abundant and varied.

Entrances (4):
Smith House Entrance, 2230 E. Centerville Station Rd.
Forest Field Park, 2100 E Centerville Station Rd (Located in the middle of Bill Yeck Park)
McGuffey Meadow Entrance, 7893 Wilmington-Dayton Rd.
Rooks Mill Entrance, 8798 Rooks Mill Ln.

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