Cowan Lake State Park is a 1,775-acre Ohio state park in Clinton County, Ohio.

This 1,775-acre park offers a peaceful lake setting complete with scenic inlets and wooded shoreline. Swimming, fishing, sailing and kayaking are popular at the lake. Meandering trails through mature woodlands complement Cowan Lake’s natural features. A variety of trillium and an abundance of other wildflowers can be seen from the hiking trails in the spring. In late spring/early summer, the aquatic American lotus are in bloom on the lake.

Cowan Lake lies near the Cincinnati Arch, an uplifting of bedrock that occurred during the Appalachian Mountains’ building process. The erosion of this arch in the Cowan region exposes fossil-rich limestone. The limestone near Cowan and other parts of the exposed arch, including nearby Caesar Creek State Park, are some of the most famous fossil hunting fields in the world.

A fine stand of beech-maple forest can be found around Cowan Lake. These woodlands contain beautiful wildflowers including bloodroot, wild ginger, spring beauties and trillium. The woods, fields and lake provide habitats for a variety of animals. Ducks, geese, herons and bald eagles are found here. Songbirds, such as eastern bluebirds, catbirds, house wrens and many others, inhabit the fields and bushy areas of the park. Easily seen mammals include white-tailed deer, raccoon, opossum, beaver and woodchuck.

American lotus, a brilliant water lily, is abundant in the lake’s shallow areas. It is unusual to find such a large colony of lotus on an inland lake. The plant’s leaves grow up to 2 feet in diameter and support large yellow flowers.

The 700-acre lake has a 10-horsepower limit. Three boat ramps are located around the lake for easy access. Seasonal docks are available for rent. Boats and canoes are available for rent at the South Shore Marina. The marina sells a variety of fishing and picnic supplies. Sailing is very popular on the lake. Boat swimming and boat camping are located in the northern portion of the lake. Camp Store rents kayaks seasonally.

The marina and boat ramps are Carry In/Carry Out areas. No trash cans are available. Please bring your own trash bags.

Cabins are situated in a wooded setting along the lake. Both Preferred and Standard cabins are available.

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