Woodland Trails Wildlife Area is located seven miles south of Eaton near the town of Camden. About two thirds of the area is woods located mostly along the steep hillsides of Paint Creek. The remaining one third of the area is open land consisting of mixtures of grasses and shrubs. Paint Creek is a small stream with a one-mile stretch located along the western boundary of the wildlife area.

Hunters and hikers should be cautious and aware of the rugged terrain, deep ravines, and several old home sites on the area; most are located in the wooded portion of the area. This property does not have any cultivated paths or walking trails as of Summer 2020, however there are areas in the open fields where 4 wheelers drive and you can walk in their path and you can find some open room in the woods by hiking up the river bed near Paint creek. Highly recommended you wear pants and long socks since most of the terrain is at least knee to waist deep and may have ticks if it's season. Very secluded, hard core hiking for those wanting solitude. Lots to see.

Bird watching is a prime form of recreation and enjoyment for many visitors. Many kinds of nesting and migrant birds use the area. Many songbirds migrate through in spring and fall, and hawks stop over during fall migration. A variety of songbirds can be found all year.

Parking Spots/Pull Offs (3) - There are only 3 areas in which to park. 1 small dedicated parking lot, and 2 pull-offs.
1. Parking Lot (Open Fields, Bogs) - 5424 Poyner Wright Road, Eaton, OH 45320 (Address not exact turn up Poyner road and go to sharp turn. Parking lot is at 90 degree bend on Poyner Road. There is a sign. This area offers most of the open fields, bird watching, and bogs.
2. Pull Off (Paint Creek Rd, at Sugar Run Bridge, near Longman Rd at another almost 90 degree bend) - There are 2 spots with a guardrail right up against sugar run creek near an entrance to private property. You can access Paint Creek from here. Nice deep fishing hole if you walk up the creek.
3. Pull Off (Sugar Valley Rd, at Bridge near very Paint Creek Intersection) - There are 2 spots. You can also access Paint Creek from here.


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  • August 12, 2020 12:01 am local time


Woodland Trails Wildlife Area, Eaton, OH 45320


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