There are so many places to hike around Caesar Creek. In fact, every side of the lake has a Wildlife and hiking area. You might want to start in the North Lake area, where wildlife and quieter trails are plentiful (Directions and address provided). South Lake offers horseshoe falls near Wellman's Meadow which is a popular hiking destination as well.

Caesar Creek is very popular for hunting rabbits and pheasants which are found throughout the area. Squirrel hunting is best for gray squirrels in the larger stands of mature woodland and for fox squirrels in the smaller woodlots, along the streams, and in woody fencerows. Woodchucks abound on the area. Deer and turkey hunting is good throughout the area. Waterfowl hunting is available on the reservoir, the streams around the reservoir, and in ponds and wetlands. Designated dove hunting fields are established on an annual basis.

Trapping is most productive around the ponds and wetlands, and along the streams running into the reservoir.

The headwaters north of the reservoir are productive for largemouth bass, saugeye, and catfish, and have become very popular for the annual spring white bass run. Good fishing is found throughout the lake in coves with stumps and standing trees.

Caesar Creek Lake also offers bird watching opportunities. Restored wetlands and prairies attract waterfowl, shorebirds, wading birds, and birds of prey. Caesar Creek Lake is home to gulls, terns, herons, and shorebirds. Visitors may see grassland-dependent birds such as grasshopper sparrows, savannah sparrows, and Eastern meadowlarks at the wetland-prairie complex located on Clarksville Road. Trail maps and viewing guides are available.

Boating is permitted on the lake with an unlimited horsepower designation. Four launch ramps are situated around the lake and seasonal dry moorage rentals are available for 64 boats.

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