Hueston Woods State Park is a state park located in Butler and Preble counties of of Ohio, about five miles northeast of Oxford in the southwestern part of the state.

The park has nearly 3,000 acres of outdoor recreation, such as hiking, swimming, fishing, canoeing, and unique to this region -- fossil hunting. The park surrounds 625-acre Acton Lake, with beach, dam, campground, cabins, marina, mountain bike trails, hiking trails, 18 hole golf course, archery, volleyball and basketball court, and a resort lodge.

Natural Features
The limestone and shale bedrock of the Hueston Woods area provides evidence of the ancient shallow sea that once covered Ohio. Fossilized remains of ancient marine animals are so abundant that visitors from around the world are drawn to Hueston Woods to collect them.

The rich soils of the area are part of the glacial till plains of western Ohio. Early settlers cleared the dense woodlands for farming. While most of Ohio’s forests have been disturbed by clearing and other human activities, a unique stand of old timber remains at Hueston Woods. Over 200 acres of these trees have been protected and provide visitors with a glimpse of Ohio’s primeval forest. Stately beech and sugar maple tower above the abundance of ferns, wildflowers and other woodland species. In 1967, the 200-acre forest was designated a National Natural Landmark by the National Park Service.

Hueston Woods Lodge and Conference Center
The Hueston Woods Lodge and Conference Center is a beautiful and spacious, comfortable retreat offering all the amenities of home. Including a large pool, tennis courts, disc golf course, trails, lake access and more. The modern lodge features 92 guest rooms with television and Wi-Fi and overlooks the lake in the back.

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