Oak Grove Park mostly sites in a huge wide open manicured field, surely a farm in its former life. Yet is offers arguably some of the best amenities of any park in our area. The park is fairly large at 102.058 acres and offers a variety of recreation opportunities. Soccer fields, including a stadium with lighting, baseball diamonds, tennis courts, two playgrounds, top notch picnic shelters, a dog park, paths for walking or jogging, benches for resting and relaxing, an archery range, a fitness trail with two types of outdoor exercise equipment, and a pond and dock for fishing. The playgrounds feature climbers, belt swings and infant swings.

Archery range
Baseball diamonds (5)
Batting cages (2)
Drinking fountains.
Fishing pond
Grills at shelters
Multi-use trails (paved)
Off-leash dog park
Outdoor exercise equipment (The complete Energi™ system is for active individuals ages 13 and up, while the LifeTrail® system is geared toward those ages 50 and over and includes ADA accessible pieces.)
Parking lot
Picnic shelters (5)
Play equipment
Portable restrooms
Soccer fields
Tennis courts (3)

In my opinion this park offers the best wide-open manicured fields, dog parks, archery range, baseball diamonds, and workout course of any park in our entire Dayton region. If there is one better, I have yet to see it.  All these areas are top notch and offer high quality equipment that is well maintained.

Dog Park: Has 3 fenced in fields with obstacle course, drinking fountains. Two of the fenced in areas are for large dogs only, the other one is for only small dogs. As evident by the amount of dog owners on the day of my visit, this must be the areas go to dog park, I can see why.

Archery Range: The archery range sits in the back of the park and is beautiful in person! There are approximately 5 - 10 targets, paved walkways, sitting and waiting areas, and a large elevated platform to overlook. This is by far the nicest outdoor archery range I have ever seen, and it was wet and off season.

Baseball Fields: There is a large brick concession stand, that sits right in the middle of 5 surrounding baseball diamonds, laid out in the shape of a hexagon. Its a very beautiful layout, I imagine attending a game here would be a great time.

Outdoor Exercise Courses: There are 2 different modern outdoor workout courses, with very nice steel equipment and instructions. Its not your old school wooden beam just laid out to do push-ups.

This is so much wide open space perfect for family gatherings, picnics, friends, or dog walking. The only things missing from this otherwise perfect park are a pool or splash pad on a hot summer day. Its a beautiful park, but it is an open field and does not offer the majestic natural beauty of some of our other local parks; unless your idea of majestic beauty is well manicured grass fields. Still this park offer some of the nicest amenities of any other park in our area. Seems as though Centerville spared little expense to build this park for it's residents. It's a gem and possibly the best park in Centerville unless you are looking for Wildlife or a place to swim. See for yourself.

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